Vinyl Application

Here are the steps you have to follow to install vinyl on any flat surface, if you decide to install it yourself. Only take note that vinyl, once it’s stuck, can not be undone, at least not in one piece. So take time to read all the steps before proceeding.

We will give you the vinyl already covered with transfer tape, ready to be installed. Please have at your disposition a measuring tape and a flat but a little flexible object (like a squeegee).

Place your piece on the surface material of your choice (coroplast shown). Place your vinyl on the surface, undo the 2 sides of transfer tape & measure.

Now flip the vinyl and SLOWLY remove wax paper backing. Make sure you don't loose any small pieces of vinyl.

Now flip back your vinyl towards your surface material. Please be sure that no part of the vinyl is touching your surface. If this should happen, pull gently on your transfer tape.

With your squeegee begin to apply the vinyl on the surface with an 'up and down' motion. Do this until the vinyl is installed.

GENTLY remove transfer tape. If an area is not stuck, return transfer tape and rub it with your squeegee.

Now your sign is done.

But don't worry , if you don't feel ready or comfortable doing the vinyl application yourself, please contact us , we offer installation services.