Custom LED Neon Signs


Transform your space with stunning, custom LED neon signs. Backed by a 1-year warranty, get a free replacement if damaged or defective.


Our typical lead time is between 15-20 business days.

Bring Your Vision to Light with our Custom LED Neon Signs!

Imagine your name, your favorite quote, or your company logo transformed into a dazzling, energy-efficient LED neon masterpiece.

Our custom LED neon signs are the perfect way to add a vibrant touch of personality to your home, business, or special event.


Why Choose Our LED Neon Signs?

  • Customization is Key: Design your sign from scratch! Choose your font, colors, size, and backing style for a truly unique piece.
  • Quality that Shines: We use premium LED flex tubing and durable acrylic backing to ensure your sign radiates for years to come.
  • Indoor or Out: Our standard signs are perfect for brightening up any indoor space. Need an outdoor option? We offer custom weatherproof enclosures – contact us for details!
  • Worry-Free Guarantee: Your custom sign is protected by a 1-year warranty. Plus, if it arrives damaged or defective, we’ll replace it free of charge.


Ready to Elevate Your Space?

Our design process is simple and collaborative. Let us turn your ideas into a stunning LED neon sign that’s sure to impress.


We’re here to help! Contact us today with any questions about designing your custom LED neon sign.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to make neon signs

There are two main types of neon signs:

  • Traditional Neon Signs: These involve bending glass tubes, filling them with neon or other gases, and applying an electrical current. This process is complex and requires specialized skills.
  • LED Neon Signs: These use flexible LED strips encased in tubing to mimic the look of traditional neon. They are easier to customize, more energy-efficient, and offer a wider range of colors. We specialize in creating stunning custom LED neon signs!


What is a neon?

A neon sign is a type of illuminated sign that produces a bright, eye-catching glow.

  • Traditional Neon Signs: These use glass tubes filled with neon or other gases. Electricity excites the gas, creating a colorful glow.
  • LED Neon Signs: These are the most common type today. They use flexible LED strips encased in tubing to mimic the look of traditional neon signs. LED neon signs offer advantages like:
    • Customization: Wider range of colors, fonts, and design possibilities.
    • Energy Efficiency: Consume less power than traditional neon.
    • Durability: More resistant to breakage and have a longer lifespan.


How do neon lights work

  • Traditional Neon Lights: An electrical current passes through the gas inside a sealed glass tube. This excites the gas atoms, causing them to release en
  • LED Neon Lights: LEDs (light-emitting diodes) produce light when electricity passes through them. In LED neon signs, the LEDs are encased in flexible tubing, creating a similar glowing effect to traditional neon, but with greater energy efficiency and customization options.


Indoor/Outdoor Usage:

Our custom Led Neons signs on plexiglass backing are made for interior use. For exterior use we fabricate an acrylic enclosure in order to weatherproof the Led neon.

If a exterior use Led Neon is what you need please contact us for a quote


Every Neon sign comes with a 1 year warranty on all electrical components. In the rare case that the sign burns out within a year of purchase, we will replace it for you free of charge.

Our signs are made to last a minimum of 50,000 hours, which is a minimum of 5 years if kept on 24/7.

If the sign arrives broken or defective, we will replace it for you free of charge. If this is the case, please send a photo/video proof of the defect at [email protected] and we will immediately produce a new piece for you.


Because every neon sign is made to order and customized, all sales are final, with the exception of receiving a faulty or broken product.

If your sign arrived broken, defective or the wrong color, please send us an email at [email protected] and we will have a brand new sign made for you completely free of charge!

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Gradateur et télécommande Premium : +$ 30.00, Gradateur standard et télécommande : inclus, Prise d'alimentation : États-Unis et Canada 120 v


30", 39", 48", 59", 79"

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Espace de bureau, Pour la maison


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