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Neon Led

LED Neon signs for your home or business are bright they enhance the vibe, and electrify a space with its warm, inviting glow. Bring the fun and excitement of LED neon lighting to your man cave, bar, restaurant, game room or office. LED Neon signs are also widely used in wedding, bachelorette party, proposals, birthday, performances, or any party, and other occasions as Backdrop or Photo Prop.

Promotional Flags

Promotional Flags are a visually a versatile way to convey your brand or message and attract customers in high-traffic locations and events. These custom flags are easy to install with single- or double-sided full colour printing and either a cross base, water base or ground spike so they’ll stay up even in strong winds. Our dye-sublimation process flag printing ensures your graphics will stay brilliantly vibrant in mild climate with wind speed up to 38km/h.