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  • Plexiglass protective barrier

    This clear acrylic splash guard is great for added protection in your retail shop, convenient store, or grocery store, pharmacy or office reception desk because it enforces social distancing between your employees and customers. The modular plexiglass sneeze guard is easy to set up and can be moved from a desk to a countertop with ease. This clear acrylic protective barrier  is convenient for any counter or desk and includes a small slot for transactions and payments.

    This Acrylic Sneeze Guard is a great for Added Protection In:

    • Retail stores
    • Convenient stores
    • Grocery stores
    • Office reception desks
    • Pharmacy
    • Coffee shops
    • Take Out counters
    • Fast Food restaurants
    • Banks

    Ship within 3 business days

    120.00 $200.00 $