Guaranteed not to fade or break, Gemini's Formed Plastic letters are stocked in pigmented white and black. The letters are painted to meet your specifications and delivered to you in pristine condition along with an installation template for easy assembly. We also accommodate custom color schemes

Enduring Original

Made from earth-friendly durable plastic, produced from start to finish by Gemini.

Unlimited Styles, Unlimited Colors

Choose from 128 standard styles or we can dimensionally replicate your custom letter or logo art design. 29 standard pigmented plastic colors, or painted to match your custom color. Deep dimension at a relatively affordable price.

Go Chrome

Tough, durable, UV stable, brushed or polished chrome laminated over our vacuum formed plastic. Replicate the look and design aesthetic of custom cast or fabricated metal letters and logos. Unique LED lit options: chrome during the day, lit at night.

LED Alternative

Formed plastic GemLite Letters & Logos can be your low-profile, edge-lit alternative to traditional aluminum fabricated channel letters. Available facelit or backlit with LEDs -- all UL certified, ready to go.

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand confidently behind the quality and craftsmanship of every piece we produce, because we’ve tested it to last a lifetime, or we’ll replace it, free.

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