Acrylic letters are a great choice for creating a logo or type style and are one of our best sellers. Ouracrylic letters are lazer cut with precision, capturing every detail and producing a smooth polished edge. Our letters come in many sizes and letter heights including small letters of 1 inch tall all the way up to large letters at 6 feet.

Acrylic letters come in a full spectrum of colors. Color matching and matte finishes are available. Most colors are made from recycled materials and guaranteed for life so your acrylic plastic sign lettering can be durable and environmentally responsible.

There are several ways to hang plastic letters: Stud and Combination mounts require holes be drilled in the surface, and Plain, Pad, and Double Face Tape can be adhered straight onto the surface. Stud, Plain, and Pad mounts work best with even surfaces, and Combination mounts work well with uneven surfaces.

Lifetime Guarantee

These hand-finished pieces are manufactured and tested to last a lifetime or we’ll replace it, free.

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